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  A good brand has not only good product quality, but also consummate service and trustworthy reputation in the market. Based on strong technical force and perfect service network, Dongguan Recreate Electronics Co., Ltd. provides a series of free technical training, and rapid pre-sales, sales and after-sales service systems, signs lifetime warranty agreement with the lowest price according to customers demands, perfects series standard of customer service, and improves the quality of customer service team. To provide sound service system continuously.

we promise:

  1. Provide comprehensive training to ensure that our customer can use equipment in a completely normal and skilled way.

  2. Provide the latest information of technology and equipment, and the better production solutions. We have a lot of multi-brand equipment, and original or imitated spare parts in stock.

  3. We have a group of excellent service engineer at your service in 24 hours. We take customer as the center, and take customer satisfaction as the standard of all work.

  4. In the future, we will establish a number of agencies to meet customer demands at home and abroad, provide incessant, high-efficiency and quick service of specialization, standardization and pluralism, and construct high-quality service brand.

Pre-sales Service:

  The Department of Maintenance Service frequently takes part in Machine Demonstration and Exhibition, coordinates with the colleague of Marketing Department in promoting and exhibiting the function and characteristic of machine, enables the customers to get more knowledge of the machine’s performance, also assists in machine test-running and sample testing in line with customer demands, and makes further technical exchange, so as to improve the communication with customers, have a better understanding of customer demands and offer the favorable quoted price. The Department also provides one-stop service, and gives professional advice to customers about visiting factory building, infrastructure, choosing model and its configuration, preparing before installation, and after-sales maintenance, etc.

Sales Service:

  Sales Service includes: enthusiastically introduce and exhibit products to customers, give a detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each machine, and answer customer’s questions, etc. The objective of sales service is providing solutions of optimal price-performance, and committing to specific details and signing contract. Sales service is always followed by actual purchase; so it is the key link for reaching a deal.

After-sales Service:

  We provide various kinds of after-sales service for customers such as equipment installation, training of application, preventive maintenance service, maintenance lectures, maintenance and problems diagnosis and customers visiting, etc. Our objective is providing an all-sided after-sales service to customers.

  1. Our company will provide free installation service to customers after they purchase the equipment. Before the equipment is delivered, the staff of After-sales Department will provide customers with material which is necessary for installation, assign special personnel to install and make basic accuracy adjustment and testing in the factory after the equipment is in place.

  2. The personnel of After-sale Department will provide free training of basic operation and application after the equipment is set up, ensure the customer can control capabilities of equipment, and start production as soon as possible. Furthermore, if customers want to have a better understanding of the advanced operation, the company can provide relative training course.

  3. Maintenance service is one of the most important after-sales services, including corrective adjustment, emergency maintenance, problems diagnosis, spare parts replacement, maintenance of electron plate, etc. The equipment must be repaired in the shortest time to reduce loss to the minimum.

  4. Preventive maintenance service is providing regular maintenance and examination to equipment, improving equipment maintenance, decreasing the chance of machine halting, prolonging service life of the equipment and improving efficiency.

  5. We hold maintenance lectures in order to improve the customers’ daily maintenance knowledge, and prolong service life of the equipment. Moreover, we hope to teach customers some basic and simple maintenance knowledge in lectures, so that customers can solve the problems by themselves, shorten the time of machine halting and improve efficiency.We can get technical support of the factory besides our own professional maintenance team. We often assign relative personnel to the factory to learn new technology and knowledge of new equipment, enhance technical exchange and communication, and improve the partnership with manufacturer by visiting the factory. Furthermore, in order to solve the complicated problem of equipment as soon as possible, we will consult with personnel of the factory.

  6. Besides the aforesaid services, we will also visit customers regularly to have an understanding of the equipment application and relative problem; therefore enhance communication with customers and understand customer demands.

  7. Besides excellent maintenance team and good partnership with manufacturers, we have many professional and polite customer service persons. For quick and convenient contact, we also have customer service hotline. Wherever you are, you can contact with us by customer hot line, fax, email and internet, etc.

  Service Phone:0755-29888916

  Serve Fax:0755-29888916


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