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In order to make people believe that an entity can meet the quality requirements, all planned and systematic activities implemented in the quality system and verified according to the needs are called "quality assurance". Quality assurance is a part of quality management, which is committed to providing quality requirements and will be fully trusted. Its main purpose is to make users confident that products or services can meet the specified quality requirements. The content of quality assurance is not simply quality assurance. Quality assurance is the task of quality control. Quality assurance is based on quality assurance and further extends to the basic purpose of providing "trust".

Relying on the necessary organizational structure, we should closely organize the quality management activities of various departments and links in the organization, and control all factors that affect product quality in the whole process of product development, design and manufacturing, sales service and information feedback, so as to form an organic whole of quality management with clear tasks, responsibilities, authorities, mutual coordination and mutual promotion, Through the quality control and quality assurance activities, we can find the weak links and existing problems in the quality work, and then take targeted quality improvement measures to enter a new round of quality management PDCA cycle, so as to continuously obtain the effect of quality management.

Choosing the person in charge of quality assurance is the key to establish the quality assurance system; strengthening the training of employees is the prerequisite to realize the quality assurance system; paying attention to the selection and evaluation of suppliers and improving the quality of key safety components and raw materials are the external factors for the construction of the quality assurance system; strengthening the process control in the production process is the basis for the implementation of the quality assurance system Strengthening the management of inspection means and equipment is the sign of quality assurance system construction.

The company strictly controls the quality of products and establishes a perfect quality control system. From raw materials to production, quality testing, and then to product quality testing, professional technicians and professional testing equipment are available for testing. Implement the "zero defect" production policy, manufacture reliable high-performance intelligent products, to ensure that every product to achieve customer satisfaction, with the rest assured.

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