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Company profile

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REC intelligent equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a subordinate unit of Shenzhen Recreate Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd. with the brand logo of "" and the Chinese name of "Ruike", is mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing, leasing and sales of intelligent equipment; participates in the cooperation of innovative technology resources in various aspects of social groups; CO funded technology development; foreign investment projects, etc. Or will be given more scientific and technological innovation responsibility and mission, more high-tech products are expected

The company has long been committed to electronic manufacturing industry SMT and other automated production equipment services, is an influential, well-known, large-scale professional company, highly respected, integrity management, forge ahead, after the accumulation of thin hair, innovation.

With professional renovation factory and professional SMT demonstration training center, we actively assist SMT manufacturers to improve industrial technology and product quality, carefully design a complete set of SMT production line scheme for customers, and carefully consider the cooperation of consumables. After years of development, the company has accumulated a wealth of management, market, production, technology and process experience, to do its best for the technical progress and development of the customer manufacturing industry, to provide updated, higher quality, more complete electronic process equipment and solutions, the equipment has been professional maintenance, stable performance, good quality. Any purchase of the company's equipment can provide packaging, transportation, installation, commissioning, training, warranty, long-term preferential parts supply and other services according to customer requirements.

Customers are all over the major cities in China and overseas markets. The main partners are Flextronics, Foxconn, ASUS, Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, BYD, Delta, TCL, etc.

The main business items are as follows:

1、 SMT / AI and peripheral auxiliary equipment trading: such as mounter, plug-in machine, printing machine, reflow oven, wave soldering, AOI, SPI, X-ray machine, splitter, upper and lower board machine, docking station, etc. The brand covers Fuji, Panasonic, Siemens, Hitachi, Yamaha, JUKI, Samsung, DEK, MPM, BTU, Heller, etc.

2、 Exchange transaction: when customers consider expanding production scale, upgrading or transforming equipment, and there is surplus old equipment, the company can provide the equipment needed by customers in exchange for the surplus old equipment of customers, and complement the price difference, so as to achieve low investment and greater return.

3、 Equipment leasing service: sufficient high-precision SMT / AI and peripheral supporting equipment in stock can meet the urgent equipment needs of customers at any time. When the accuracy of customers' existing equipment can not meet the requirements of new orders or quality; or when the customer's funds are insufficient; the order is not clear or the purchased equipment has not arrived, the company can provide leasing service for customers, and the leased equipment can be single , the whole line or multi line configuration, the lease period is generally one month to three years, according to customer requirements, can also rent before buying.

4、 The whole plant equipment was purchased by agreement and competed with SMT equipment court.

5、 Some SMT / AI new equipment agent sales.

6、 R & D, manufacturing, sales and leasing of new intelligent equipment products.

7、 Foreign technical cooperation, R & D and project investment.

The company adheres to the road of science and technology, reuses high-quality and high-end technical talents, develops high-end products in the industry, strengthens the internal management of the enterprise, and constantly innovates the advanced technical concepts of the same industry. We always take the market as the guide, meet the needs of customers as the starting point, improve efficiency for customers, create value, adhere to innovation driven development, adhere to people-oriented, and base on scientific and technological innovation We are committed to customer success, self transcendence and mutual benefit.

In the future, we will continue to expand the market and establish a good corporate image with excellent product quality, professional technical level and perfect after-sales service.

The company is successful in the environment of competition and development, opportunities and challenges; "integrity" let us win the majority of customers.

We look forward to your long-term attention and full support while we are making continuous progress.

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