In order to fully meet customer demands of quality, Dongguan Recreate Electronics Co., Ltd. establishes strict ISO9001 Quality Management System, efficiently controls each management link of machine refurbishment factory and offers service for customers with the best product quality. Our engineers have rich experience in the industry. The company controls the selection, purchase, examination, renovation, adjustment, testing and delivery of domestic and international equipments. 

  We make inspection for equipment and spare parts in the factory according to the operation standard of IQC and evaluate the defect and performance of equipment. The assessment result will be confirmed and signed by QC engineers and equipment engineers. Every day, IPQC coordinates with QC engineers in designated patrolling, examining and auditing the quality in the process of equipment refurbishment, respectively makes daily, weekly and monthly inspection report and saves it for future reference. After receiving the acceptance notification, OQC will coordinate with QC engineers in judging and testing the appearance and performances of equipments in line with strict inspective standard of delivery, make acceptance inspection and take photos for future reference. The 48-hour idle running is necessary for all equipment. They also test the placement accuracy and pick up error of equipment. 20,000 points are tested to check if the equipment is in normal production situation. All the equipment condition will be recorded in the report forms of QC, the qualified equipment will get delivery permission, and the unqualified equipment will be reworked and revamped after Report of Abnormal Quality is sent to the relative responsible department.