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  The company undertakes the OEM and ODM processing business of various electronic products. Based on the high-precision placement automatic production line, and supported by the excellent technical talents, canonical management, and the strict quality control, this service realizes the electronic product manufacturing (SMT patch, plug-in, assembly, test, and package, etc), supplies solution and technical support for the clients, designs the technique, promote the modified blueprint, decreases the manufacturing cost, and manufacturing the templet, etc.
  The canonical management, excellent skillful workers, and senior engineers pay more attention to the technique direction, flow control and quality track of various electronic products, deal with various problems happened in the manufacturing timely, keep in touch with the clients to know all the information during the manufacturing, feedback all the messages online, and deal with the problems timely. Our company implements the safe, reliable, and effective management on the material storage, anti-static, welding material, the first piece affirmation and the product inspection, etc; makes a complete set of perfect quality guarantee system on the supplied material inspection, process inspection, finished product inspection, and the shipment inspection, etc. And then we ensure the zero-defect shipment, and supply the timely, effective, and professional technical support for the clients to ensure the smooth manufacturing, best quality and timely delivery.

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