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  Shenzhen Recreate Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd./ Recreate Technology International Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, specializes in automatic production equipment in the electronic manufacturing, and sets up a refurbished factory, a SMT demonstration center and a SMT processing workshop with customers’ materials, actively assisting SMT manufacturers to improve the industry technology and product quality, and elaborately designing SMT complete production line schemes and considerate consumable material matching for the customers. Over the years, with rich experience on management, market, production, technology and process, the company makes all efforts for the technological advancement and development of the manufacturing industry, and offers the latest, best and fullest electronic processing equipment and solutions. As an influential, popular and large enterprise in the second-hand SMT/AT equipment industry, the company attracts customers all over the country and overseas. Facing the future, the company will continue to exploit market and build a good enterprise image with high product quality, professional technological level and impeccable after-sales service.

  The company mainly carries on the following services:

  1.Second-hand SMT/AI and Peripheral Auxiliary Equipment Trading: High-speed chip mounter, medium-speed mounter, multifunctional mounter, automatic inserter, dispenser, printer, reflow oven, AOI, X-ray machine, PCB separator, loading/unloading PCB machine, and connecting machine, covering the brands of FUJI, PANASERT, SIEMENS, SANYO, HITACHI, UNIVERSAL, PHILIPS, YAMAHA, JUKI, SAMSUNG, SONY, CASIO, TENRYU, DEK, MPM, BTU, VITRONICS SOLTEC, HELLER, SPEEDLINE, etc.

  2.SMT/AI Equipment Feeder (FEEDER) and Accessory Parts Trading: Supply original accessory parts and Singapore imitated compatible parts.

  3.Undertake SMT/AI equipment services, including installation and debugging, (board card, motor and driver) maintenance, yearly maintenance and technical training.

  4.Exchange Purchase Trading: When you want to enlarge the scale, upgrade equipment or transform, and have no idea about the excessive old equipment, please contact us to exchange purchase of your excessive old equipment, and complement the price difference, reaching the lowest investment and the greatest return.

  5.Equipment Leasing: Enough SMT/AI equipment spot stock can meet your emergent demands. Besides, we also offer leasing service for customers who don’t have sufficient funds, figure out how many equipment they need or receive the ordered equipment. We can lease single machine, the whole production line or multiple production lines (needing guarantee deposit) in a term from one month to three years, and also provide lease purchase.

  6.Sales agent of parts of new SMT/AI equipment.

  The company provides second-hand SMT/AI and peripheral equipment with high-quality service and reasonable price, and guarantees all equipment in stable performance and excellent quality after professional maintenance. For the equipment purchased from our company, we offer the packaging, transportation, installation, debugging, training, repair and maintenance and long-term favorable supply of parts according to customer demands.

  As a proprietorship enterprise, the company sets up the SMT processing factory with customers’ materials, with self-managed import and export rights. It is located at Tangxia Town, Dongguan, boasting convenient transport. With an area of over 6,000 square meters, the factory, equipped with a generator unit and a number of high-precision full automatic surface mounting production lines and testing instruments such as ICT, conducts the surface mounting from 0210 small parts to PLCC, QFP, CSP, BGA high-precision parts, and offers the one-stop service of electronic product plug-ins, rear welding, assembly and product testing. The products involve in computer peripheral products, industrial control products, automotive electronics, electronic communications, home appliances and consumer electronics. The company is a qualified manufacturer recognized by many famous enterprises.

  Certified to ISO9001 and other international quality systems, the company has established a set of complete quality assurance and management system, and strives to meet various customer demands in the production process. Additionally, centering on customers, the company offers reasonable charge and rapid delivery in the quality requirement of "Efficient Production, High Quality", and brings them more competitiveness and creativity.

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